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BIPV Carport System integrated building system solution

From:BIPV Carport System from china     Release time:2018-11-09

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BIPV integrated building system solution

Relevant case customization plan:

In modern society, people's pursuit of comfortable building thermal environment is higher and higher, leading to the increasing energy consumption of building heating and air conditioning, and the increasing call for energy conservation and environmental protection. BIPV is a solar power products can be integrated in the flat roof, sloping roof, wall, ceiling, etc. Most of the architectural technology, we hope you in bright environment office, living at the same time, also can through our reliable technology to fully enjoy the charm of the green building, to show you in as low carbon emissions, and to bring you the economic benefits of solar power, for you to promote the social value, building new concept of green environmental protection.

BIPV Carport System from china

System list:

Module: polycrystalline silicon module (single crystal module is optional)

Inverter: 1 inverter

Bracket: 1 set (customized according to the actual size of roof)

Cable: 1 set of pv special dc and ac cables

Distribution equipment: 1 (including air switch and circuit breaker, etc.)

Installation and construction: send professional installation personnel 3-5

Other auxiliary materials and monitoring: other main auxiliary materials

System composition:

Solar pv modules, dc converters (optional), inverters, subsidized meters, bidirectional meters (free from the grid company)

The structure principle of solar power generation system

High-performance solar cell modules are centrally mounted on the roof via supports and are connected in series and parallel to form a solar cell phalanx. Solar cell phalanx absorbs sunlight and generates direct current electricity. After being transformed into alternating current electricity for household appliances through photovoltaic inverter, the remaining electricity can be uploaded to the grid and corresponding electricity price income can be obtained.

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