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How to install household BIPV Greenhouse System?

From:Wholesale BIPV Greenhouse System from china     Release time:2018-11-09

Overview:Wholesale BIPV Greenhouse System from china.BIPV Greenhouse System made in china.BIPV Greenhouse System from china.BIPV Greenhouse System.

Domestic solar photovoltaic power station is a small distributed photovoltaic system, also known as household photovoltaic power station. Generally what we see is installed on the roof, but not all of the roof is suitable for installation. The practical situation should be fully considered in the photovoltaic installation design, which should follow the principle of economic applicability, high reliability, firm durability, easy maintenance, and full consideration of the impact of geographical and climatic environment.

The following information about the installation of household pv system should be remembered!

Installation site the aspects of safety and efficiency.

The domestic distributed photovoltaic system is a small system, which does not require high technical indexes. When the inverter is not equipped with isolation transformer, the energy conversion efficiency is higher, and combined with cost and other factors, it is more reasonable to choose the transformer type.

Wholesale BIPV Greenhouse System from china

Lightning protection design

In order to ensure the safety and reliability of photovoltaic grid-connected power generation system and prevent the damage of system components caused by external factors such as lightning strike and wave surge, the lightning protection grounding device of the system is essential. Solar photovoltaic power station is a three-level lightning protection building. Lightning protection and grounding involve the following two aspects:

1. Try to avoid the projection of the lightning rod falling on the photovoltaic module

2. Ground line is the key to lightning protection and lightning protection.

Protection against lightning induction: the metal outer covering including equipment, frame, metal pipeline and cable shall be reliably grounded. Each metal article shall be separately connected to the grounding main, and shall not be connected to the grounding main after being connected in series.

Wholesale BIPV Greenhouse System from china

Choose reliable after-sales service

Photovoltaic panels installed on the roof can generate electricity continuously for no less than 25 years. Whether it is the industrial and commercial roof of large to several MW or the residential distributed generation system of small to several KW, reliable and perfect after-sales service system is particularly important.

Wholesale BIPV Greenhouse System from china

Identify your brand and professionalism

Above all, the choice of equipment must be quality assurance, especially component and inverter, do not want to be greedy to choose cheap inferior equipment, in this industry, the price is more transparent basically, common saying says, a price one cent goods, everyone is not live lei feng. In the daily business negotiations, some customers often suggest that the price of xx company is much lower. For such a situation, I can only advise the customer to seriously consider and carefully consider, and to judge and choose a reliable company by heart.

Wholesale BIPV Greenhouse System from china

Secondly, the design of the overall system program and the specialty of site installation should not be underestimated. Individual practitioner is in order to obtain the benefit maximization, but specially chooses low price inferior equipment to fill with quality, in the spot installs the process to also be eager to obtain, ignores the detail that should pay attention to in the installation. How could such power systems have stood the test of years? Therefore, the photovoltaic brand must be trusted!

Chin woo photovoltaic (pv) for household photovoltaic system installation and long-term maintenance needs, professional for the user to tailor the "chin woo ˙ rich treasure" package machine in system integration products, through quality, finance, insurance and operational integration service mode, to ensure that the photovoltaic power station in the installation, operations, after-sales professional guidance to complete in many aspects, such as photovoltaic installation can be done easily, let enjoy photovoltaic new opportunities.

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