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Solvo (xiamen) new energy co., LTD. - won the title of "contract abiding and credit enterprise" of xiamen city in 2016-2017

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In September 2018, xiamen municipal administration of industry and commerce released to the public the list of "abiding by contracts and honoring credit enterprises" of xiamen public and private enterprises in 2016-2017, and "solvo (xiamen) new energy co., LTD."

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It is reported that the generation to make the company contract audit, to save, manage, have corresponding management system and process, the formation of contract management mechanism in a neat and orderly, also "guard contract, heavy reputation" for the company to lay a solid foundation for the brand influence.

Believe that the future advantages in production (8 production lines for the photovoltaic stents, strictly abide by the ISO9001 quality management system), design advantage, industry leading r&d technical team, all kinds of industry of photovoltaic products), service advantages (more than 10 mw project > 50 / year, shipments > 1 gw, global capacity > 3 gw), brand (3 straight photovoltaic stents "top ten brand") on the advantages of our company will continue adhering to the "good faith" principle, to construct more standardized and harmonious market economy environment, the greatest contribution.

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