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Solvo company announced to enter the overseas pv bracket market officially!

From:Chinese manufacturer of Aluminum Ground PV Mounting System     Release time:2018-11-02

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On May 31, 2018, the national energy administration of China promulgated China's photovoltaic industry development policy. The sudden appearance of negative news immediately triggered an unprecedented high degree of tension in the whole industry, followed by the photovoltaic industry chain prices began to fall, polysilicon products became a major disaster area, the whole industry's hard landing quickly occurred. In the dark, with the recovery of the European photovoltaic market and the rise of emerging markets, "go abroad" and "develop advantages abroad" seem to be a way for many powerful photovoltaic companies, especially some of the leading enterprises in China, because it may be a good thing to go abroad when the policy adjustment is forced.

As a result, solvo (xiamen) new energy co., LTD., one of China's top ten pv bracket brands, is looking overseas, and so is it! In October, after three months of intensive market research and production technology research, we determined the necessary feasibility of expanding overseas market. After that, the website, platform, and technical data were put together to make intensive efforts.

Data show that overseas markets are expected to grow this year. Australia's demand is booming, Europe is entering a recovery period, Morocco and Egypt in India, the Middle East and north Africa, Mexico in South America and Brazil will all provide opportunities for Chinese photovoltaic companies to move forward.

Chinese manufacturer of Aluminum Ground PV Mounting System

For the overseas market, what is our ability to do well?

1. Strong production capacity, complete supply chain and the honorary title of China's top ten pv bracket brands for three consecutive years.

From 2014 to 2018, Mr. Walter (xiamen) new energy co., LTD. Has aluminum alloy stent in stent production amount from the quantity to 300 mw capacity over 100 mw, carbon steel stents, from raw materials, extrusion molding, mechanical processing, surface anti-corrosion treatment and packaging products in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality system control, continuously improve the process control, pre-market after-sales service to build industry benchmarking, for three consecutive years "photovoltaic stents top ten brand" shipments nearly 1 gw.

2. Innovative products, rigorous attitude and ingenuity

Solvo launched its own photovoltaic support brand: "STTS" (Solar top technology services) series of products, including: ground support, greenhouse waterproof support, vehicle shelter, roof support, caigang tile support and other series of high-quality and innovative products and solutions, which is in the top position of the industry in structural design and system performance.

3. First-class company, first-class products and first-class team

Company will adhere to the "technology +" development strategy, people-oriented, strive to develop into a set research and development, design, production and sales of various functions such as, solar stent, solar photoelectric multi-type of many sided, with the domestic and foreign well-known enterprises in such aspects as technology, capital, resources, multi-level cooperation in large-scale comprehensive enterprise, fosters the talent, strengthen the team cohesion and combat effectiveness, and improving the capacity of core technology, accumulated in all-round, new energy to belong to John the best tomorrow.

There is no doubt that solvo (xiamen) new energy co., LTD., in combination with its own strong competitive advantage and the Chinese style of "One Belt And One Road" construction, has captured the world's market and made the world fall in love with the photovoltaic bracket made in China and made in solvo!

Chinese manufacturer of Aluminum Ground PV Mounting System

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