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Why distributed photovoltaic?

From:solar module mounting from China     Release time:2018-11-05

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Recently, the national development and reform commission issued "about 2018 photovoltaic power generation project price policy notice, notice said that after January 1, 2018 put into operation, the" spontaneous for private use, Internet access, allowance, "model of distributed photovoltaic power generation project, electrical measuring electricity subsidy standard by 0.05 yuan, the subsidy standard adjustment per kilowatt hour 0.37 yuan (including tax).

The term "distributed photovoltaic" has been frequently mentioned in policy documents and in the photovoltaic industry. Recently, the national development and reform commission issued a notice to adjust the subsidy of distributed photovoltaic projects in the mode of "self-use and surplus online" in 2018 to 0.37 yuan /KWh (tax included). So why distributed photovoltaic? Let's analyze it from five aspects.

The reform of energy structure

A series of problems, such as the shortage of fossil energy, environmental pollution and climate change, continue to remain unresolved, making the world turn to clean energy. Solar energy is one of them. The country's strong support for clean energy is an inevitable trend, and the flexible use of solar energy makes distributed photovoltaic the best choice for home power stations.

Ii. Investment efficiency

The installation of distributed photovoltaic power station can save the cost of household electricity. With state subsidies for up to 20 years and local subsidies, yields can reach around 15%, which is considerable.

Iii. Environmental benefits

Photovoltaic power generation is pollution-free, radiation-free and inexhaustible clean energy. The amount of electricity generated by distributed photovoltaic power stations is equivalent to saving 0.4kg of standard coal at one time, while reducing pollution emissions of 0.272kg of carbon dust, 0.997kg of carbon dioxide, 0.03 kg of sulfur dioxide, and 0.015kg of nitrogen oxides.

Standard of roof:

Minimalism and glass Windows have become increasingly sought after, and new standards of home building design have emerged, such as retrofitting the roof's photovoltaic system. After the consideration of environmental protection and energy conservation, people began to gradually reform the roof design, and the large-area inclined roof or flat roof began to completely replace the former european-style multi-roof window roof, which provided the most basic space for the installation of distributed photovoltaic power generation system.

Fifth, new investment means to lower costs and risks

If the previous large investment is the last obstacle to the popularization of household distributed pv, then pv finance lease is the pioneer to clear the last obstacle.

Why distributed photovoltaic? The above five points fully analyze the development prospect of distributed photovoltaic, which has great development potential.

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