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N3-380 solvo new energy || Shanghai SNEC (2018) international solar exhibition

From:N3-380 solvo new energy || Shanghai SNEC (2018) international solar exhibition     Release time:2018-11-01

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SNEC 12th (2018) international solar energy photovoltaic (pv) and intelligence conference and exhibition on 5/28-5/30 was held at Shanghai new international expo center, as a global leader in the field of solar photovoltaic stents, one of Mr. Walter five daqo new energy will be there with aluminum products excellent appearance, which invented products for the industry application in the different installation scenarios solution.

Solar shelf manufacturers

In combination with the market development trend, solvo new energy has fully explored the customer demand and launched a series of high-quality and innovative solutions: w-type waterproof aluminum alloy support system, greenhouse waterproof aluminum alloy support system, t-type viscose aluminum alloy support system, tiled aluminum alloy support system, and inclined aluminum alloy support system.

Solar shelf manufacturers

Solar photovoltaic industry nagging problems of supporting system probably include: product installation complex, accessories processing error, structural strength is not up to standard, water, rust, etc., but in fact are preventable "grey rhino" events, we think, hidden danger of zero tolerance for quality and continuous product innovation is the correct way of thinking and attitude of the development of the enterprise, John new energy market and customer oriented, continuous innovation, research and development of more competitive products and services, shipments nearly 1 gw, global shipments of more than 3 gw, expanding global sales and service network, to meet the needs of customers.

5/28-5/30, n3-380, we are here for you!


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