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Solar racking system considerations

From:Serve (Xiamen) New Energy Co., Ltd.     Release time:2019-04-15

Overview:What should I pay attention to when dealing with solar racking system made in china?

What should I pay attention to when dealing with solar racking system made in china?

When a solar panel installed in a house or the like is damaged and piled up with rubble of a house or the like, sunlight may generate electricity when it is irradiated onto the panel, and light may cause electric shock when touched, etc. The battery board needs attention.

Don't touch it with bare hands. Wear insulated gloves or rubber gloves, etc., when in contact with damaged solar panels during rescue and recovery work. When multiple solar panels are connected by cables, unplug or disconnect the connected cables. If possible, cover the panel with a blue tarp or cardboard, or face down to avoid exposure to sunlight.

If possible, wrap the exposed copper wire in the cable section with plastic tape or the like.

When transporting solar panels to an abandoned place, be cautious and smash the glass with a hammer or the like. In addition, the components of the panel are as follows: semi-reinforced glass (thickness: about 3 mm), battery unit (silicon plate: 10 to 15 cm square, thickness 0.2 to 0.4 mm, silver electrode, solder, copper foil, etc.), transparent resin, white Resin plate, metal frame (mainly aluminum), wiring material, resin case, etc. (6) When there is no sun at night and after sunset, although the solar panels do not basically generate electricity, they should work as if they were exposed to the sun. If you want to learn more about BIPV Greenhouse System,you can contact us.

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